Shiv Charan & Sons

Shiv Charan & Sons is a name associated with expertise in the field of dismantling buildings or other constructions which are unwanted. We have a vast experience of twenty five years and all these years have added to our expertise in a great way.

Building Demolition

With an experience of twenty five years, we are leading the market and provide optimal solutions for Building Demolitions. When it comes to bring down a massive structure, say a 20-story skyscraper, you have to depend on professionals like us and only people like us can do the work perfectly. Explosive demolition is the preferred method for safely and efficiently demolishing larger structures. When a building is surrounded by other buildings, it may be necessary to "implode" the building, that is, make it collapse down into its footprint so that the consecutive buildings remain unharmed. We have attained expertise in the field and always give full satisfaction to our customers.


Features :

  • Experience of twenty five years have made us an expert
  • An array of equipments to help us in bringing down any type of building
  • Cost effective techniques


Applications :

  • In bringing down unwanted and obsolete buildings
  • In emergency such as building collapse and bomb explosion

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