Shiv Charan & Sons

Shiv Charan & Sons is a name associated with expertise in the field of dismantling buildings or other constructions which are unwanted. We have a vast experience of twenty five years and all these years have added to our expertise in a great way.

Diamond Sawing

Diamond Sawing has been our forte right from the time of our inception. We have an expert team that has attained expertise in the method and provides the best of results when put to work. Diamond is one of the hardest stones and so for the purpose of hard surfaces professionals like us always imply them. With an experience of twenty five years, we have attained expertise in the field and provide optimum solutions to any of the requirements. We have a huge client following in this sector because of our efficiency in the field.

Features :
  • High quality of job done
  • Structures cut to perfection and with precision

Application : Cutting hard materials

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The method of Diamond Wall Sawing that we provide is one of the most efficient methods when it comes to cutting hard surfaces. We this method we are able to tackle unlimited range of applications comfortably. We can also cut a hard concrete surface with maximum efficiency up to 730mm cutting depth.



This method is one of the most useful when cutting structures like pillars of bridges and other heavy structures. We provide the method for large openings cutting structural components and any heavily reinforced concrete for almost unlimited cutting depth.